Sunday, April 01, 2012

March Senryū ~ 2012

we are all gypsies | we live everywhere and nowhere | in our minds

refurbished brownstones | witness to a world in flux | neighborhoods moved on 

Oh sun deceiving | with your big inviting smile | day's cold as ice

fear kills, love heals | do you know this in your bones? | listen to the voices

sentinels stare down | as winds rip at their faces | sky kisses their heads 

the heart of America | bejeweled in springtime | praying for peace

beauty surfaces | sometimes when you least expect | erases all doubt

someday we may not | have to resist injustice | daily pray for peace

open as we fall | our hearts through hands become wings | to fly towards the light

one days dreaming | a world of people loving | themselves and others

there's a certain light | the green shimmering of spring | through newborn shoots

those good seeds we plant | may flower into sunshine | tomorrow

sun smiles towards ocean | bay, a teal mirror | reflection of our hearts

O fine jade vine | Amazonia castles | behind your curtains

poet-warrior | gone on to his green home | forever feliz  ~ in memory of C.M.

envy, a strong loss of love | most bitter enemy | a knife turned inward

going 'round and 'round | on the down side of up | best take one step back

life's delicate | petals spring up from red dust | earth alive with promise

rainy day blues | no cure for the common cold | we eat chicken soup

we are not alone | we have our Orisahs who | shoo the demons home

ocher etched dawn | morning bled out of the night | earth refused to still ~ Nippon where sun is born | where cherry blossoms take wing

blessed to be alive | count the good things and lessons | smiling like the sun

we are the flowers | birthed after being fishes | swimming for nine months

women holding up | half the sky, no denying | we need world peace now

books saved my life | when I thought I could not live | made new worlds my home

let peace be power | put love before greed and hate | to heal the world whole

folding love into | moments birth smiles and memories | rich chocolate bundt cakes

oh insomnia | not awake or fully sleep | just beyond reach

covering cold ground | last night's snow a light blanket | tomorrow heat wave

snow flakes falling up | white delicate butterflies | disappearing acts

it's the same old news | different names and faces | the fear of "other"

the hawkins' sounding | lake Michigan about moans | can't figure winter

arranging flowers | love blooms in words on pages | changing energy

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2012

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