Saturday, November 05, 2011

August Senryu

new day premonition | lights up and goes out | a firefly flicker

a cold blue lake | holds secrets of lost youth | where she soaks in the past

orange light this sunset | color of keeping the world | safe in its brilliance

like the weather, she | no longer follows patterns | unpredictable

these special kisses | wishes for a happy day | she gives thanks for love

I have been this | exquisite color ~ of earth | and sky so purple
begging to be embraced | seared into mind's eternal eye

a fearsome surge of wind | corrals mountains of clouds | and rain falls like stones

she will not go down | to the bottom of dark | prayer keeps her afloat

asking questions | to riddles with no answers | a waste of time

from the other side | came the light of her life | an always happiness

and hearts break, harden | to the possibilities, | love's many lessons

she deprives herself | of thinking about his kiss | of the ways he walks

who's to blame | for the mean and deranged | we all have choices

this incredible | journey from first breath forward | life a cherished dance

traveling reminds us | of homes we've had and lost | of people we love

our blue world | humming on the power grid | a collective dream

she keeps blame at bay | all the ways our world knocks us | days are spent laughing

her ancestors flowers | bloomed into the world | left future seeds

stories come to life | positive or negative | strive to become flesh

almost impossible | to take back horrible | we pray forgiveness

woven together | our roots forever | entwined in love

slow flowing river | a memory of calm | striving for stillness

yesterday's rainclouds | linger on jade river's edge | ripe for the blooming

Mercury's in retrograde | try chains on tongues or | conversing in smiles

morning hints of rain | leaves green river flowing slow | beauty soothes the soul

today you're ready | pack your bags and walk away | it's easier said...

©Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2011