Saturday, September 15, 2012

With Wings To Fly

With Wings To Fly

A woman
         with wings
to fly
         she does not know
         she can not
seem to
         extend them
to take to air
         all around
seems stagnant
         she fails
in all heaviness
         to remember

when she
         enabled another
was clipped
         to the point
she forgot her name
         was shrouded
left with only
         a thin line of mesh
her eyes to see
         only him
she was grounded

but finally one day
         an eagle flew over
is that really you
         what's happened
what’s happened
         what's become of you
your beautiful wings shorn
         restricted flight
throw off those chains
         set yourself free
take to the air
         no more despair

in small steps
         she began
to forgive herself
         to remember who she was
not who she'd become
         everyday more feathers grew
first in little nubs then in sprouts
         as if by magic
her wings bloomed anew
         her muscles retrained
after many crash landings and falls
         Quetzalli took to air
stronger in every way
         never to be grounded

Vuelo Imposible
Copyright All rights reserved by FLAVIO DIAZ

note: Quetzalli

IPA: /ketsalli/
quetza "to stand up" + -lli
A quetzal feather. Something precious.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

August Senryū ~ 2012

August Senryū

once in a blue moon | moon grows so round she falls | kisses the earth hard 

once in a blue moon | people see their reflection | in watery eyes 

once in a blue moon | those we love are far from home | they feel us with them 

once in a blue moon | we write about love | from the depths of our true hearts 

stay grounded to earth | envisioning beauty | then learn to walk right 

we hear the rabbits | call from the fields harvest | eating green lettuce 

the buttery moon | swells to the size of summer | pregnant with plenty 

green corn moon | maiden of new harvest | calls to the autumn 

spears and arrows | some cut with precision | others with beauty 

the depths of zero | call from the throats of flowers | from were all things bloom 

love is a salve | it heals wounds deeper than canyons | smooths jagged edges  

there's no scarcity of love | its renewable | why then jealousy 

remembering | one of the best days of life | you being born ♥ 

sacred places | cathedrals marking home lands | birthed by mother earth 

inundated | in a sea of paperwork | she floats to the top 

miracles happen | believe it and you'll see | your life's the beginning 

lives rearranged | estrangement at close distance | still linked at the heart 

Purple on turquoise | yoga mat a great place | to sing with a cicada 

a morning without | sunshine and rain's false promise | envelops the day 

an immense boulder | grief overshadows the light | blame a losing game 

we will continue | to be 'other' and proudly | we know our worth 

know silence | retreat into its depths | listen 

mind realignment | ability to see | beyond the edges 

fruits of summer bloom | a harvest of gold goodness | jewels in my bowl 

a night to reclaim | streets from police the hoodlums | abstract differences 

a dart to the heart | stark its poison entering | shadows of sorrow 

a child inside | an adult's body sometimes | cries for affection 

the worst sorcery | jealousy and envy | followed by gossip 

lilly sword beauty | emblem in a life of strife | until victory 

mandala moon | time when all things may ripen | rising from the mist 

gone home to the light | brilliant and shiny at birth | journey worth taking