Tuesday, August 07, 2012



her words arrows
straight and to the point
sometimes piercing hearts

her words are arrows
not meant to wound or offend
aimed at seeking the truth

her words sharpened shafts
shot into the dark to shed
light rather than heat

arrows can be words
lined up in people's defense
aimed at injustice

words can be empty
fake like rubber bullets
that still seek to maim

words can kill movements
of people trying to heal
centuries of lies

words words word arrows
a way to say basta ya!
loosed are  fireworks

Friday, August 03, 2012

July Senryū ~ 2012

July Senryū

to say I'm leaving | when destination's unknown | takes lots of courage

paintbrushes bloom | in a prairie kissing sky | on fire

latch onto words | that lie crumpled in corners | raise them from the dead

a day of mourning | for all those that were taken | for all that seems lost

no greater loss | a mother losing a child | our worst nightmare

we want to belong | acknowledged and loved | even in our solitude

rubber bullets then | become lead piercing thick skin | death by lethal hate

they appointed stones | imbued them with their power | to represent them

if time stands still | and it's not the end of days | then what follows?

her larkspur a deep blue sea | a feast for the eyes | a tide of July

oh blackberry moon | of middle summer | bless us with full blooms 

borders | lines drawn in sand and in words | cuts that leave deep scars 

las fronteras | líneas dibujadas en la arena y en palabras | cortes que dejan cicatrices profundas

sometimes trying | too hard to win that brass ring | better to just live

meditating | on those things that can be changed | what love gives rise to

life's emotions | and the stillness of no | attachments

our elder's memories | remind us to remember | to pass them along

words have the power | to sink or save a nation | use with care

blood type required | truly strong and unafraid | for a love mission ♥

everyone's land | is to be respected | is owned by no one

people are not fooled | they vote with their hearts and then | the lie becomes truth

we come to the drum | humbled for we know beauty | we crave the power