Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June Senryū ~ 2012

thoughts rushing rivers | illusive as butterflies | defy capture

words simmer under | suffering in silence | while waiting to heal

those distant cousins | stars that beam down through night clouds | telling us they're home

when money is speech | poor people must raise their voices | to be heard

she forgets | everything that just happened | all is forgotten

my father you're loved | no time or space changes heart's | mind over matters ♥

so shifty shadowed | luck a trick of light | it's all in the perception

mixture of light | rain seeds and earth birthing | new life possibilities

water is a jewel | when it is all gone | when the faucets have gone dry | 

we panic in its absence | scurrying like little ants

love your life | give thanks for all that blesses you | even the smallest gifts

her iceberg heart thawed | to lakes icy cold and blue | edged in lupine

her hands made of stars | her smile brightest sunshine | her skirt swaying tides

water lifeblood of the people | birthright of earth's children

to dissolve past hurts | a thousand hugs and much love | the will to let go

a thin line of red | peaks out from behind the clouds | births this day's sunrise

my mother's face | in the mirror amazes | me gazing at her

oh rose moon | a time for picking strawberries | fine like red wine

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez

¡Ban This!

¡Ban This!

lurks in corners
of your mouths when you look
at our children who you don’t want
to grow

to grow
into people
strong in their soul’s searching ~
for those truths you twist into lies
our strength

our strength
is in knowing
that we were not born yours
to do with us as you will, no
we’re free

we’re free
we, descendants
of Teotihuacán ~
of Toltecs, of Chichén Itzá,

the place you fear
we might want to reclaim ~
our ancestral home, occupied
by you

by you
who erase truths
that can not be silenced
by boxing up or burning books ~
words live

words live
we remember
them, our love, our stories ~
history, cannot be erased
not banned

not banned
because their life,
their truths and beauty beat
brightly in our yoyolo, hearts

always ~
we a people
of hope and of struggle
we never give up, being us

So ban our books
put out a gag order ~
yes, they charred our codices in

burned our tongues mute
but never our minds ~ to
envision the future, your fall
from grace

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez

This poem appears in ¡Ban This! The BSP Anthology of Xican@ Literature 
(Broken Sword Publication LLC 2012) edited by Santino Rivera. Tlazo!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Becoming Visible

Becoming Visible

Odilia Galván Rodríguez

no longer invisible
you wish to banish us
back in time

to our quiet place
stooped in fields
in your gardens

kitchens loud
clattered and steam filled
laundry rooms 

quietly nurturing 
you and yours like our own

lucky if left with family
less so if latchkeyed 
lonely and locked in

scared to make a sound
lest neighbors call

living in fear
of offending 
of being visible

time and struggle
changed that game
people learned their rights 

to fight for what is just
to come out into the light