Sunday, October 06, 2013

March through September Senryū ~ 2013


though violins cry  | your name still lights up the room | your smile remembered

a new song playing | you hear it calling you there | in that unknown place

a birthday blessing | no one you know passed on | today we celebrate

it is a journey | to be at your side | one last turn around dance floor

when your name is called | towards the sound of shining light | no turning back time

you a flower song | with heart to change minds and worlds | living in the truth

when you go | you are not gone | you are forever my heart

she's on her crossroads journey | an end beginning | searching for the moon

truth sets you free | if you know the difference | between that and lies

it was a red day | seven sisters bound by love | a rite of passage

what you plant with heart | is what you harvest in love | oh beauty of life

words do their work | shake worlds to the core | they enchant and live

believe in beauty | it's all around us to share | war is no answer


clouds welcome flight | even those with clipped wings | feel the freedom

rain keeps falling | as if all the world's grief was | trying to be healed

grounded on account of rain | sun keeps shining through | rainbows of trouble

the sky broke open | poured its life out in buckets | some stranded rejoiced


most nights she stares up | into the celestial | cemetery | of long ago extinguished | stars she's wished upon since birth

she longs to visit | your starry land and stay there | searching for the moon

she remembers childhood things | the way red earth smells | ancient before rains | like chaparral and copper | the flashing of thunder beings

today rain fell in | ropes lashing the windows | penetrating dreams

her mind travels there | land of palms and teal ocean | where time flows slower | 
people seem happier | for the natural world

now their gaze | doesn't worry me much | but how it creeped inside me | young and almost defenseless | I feel their cruel eyes chewing | at how I see | others like myself | the rule I use to measure | my kin whisper in my ears | it is all a big lie

heat bakes its way in | concrete construction ovens | retain its fire | 
the people lie in hammocks | trying to capture cool sleep

winds wear cruel heat | a shawl whipped around shoulders | its fringe shimmering

rose moon the color | of strawberry fields | forevermore the goddess | 
returns for summer solstice | reflected infields of light

raindrops land spirals | on newly formed pond's surface | lights flicker and fail

across time and space | your resplendent heart's | sparkling love still reaches us | 
and heals the abyss of loss | no more grief of your passing

a year of heartbreak | of uncertain certainties | yet to be revealed

she wants to shed light | in the darkness that prevails | nine candles shine bright

sunny day hides clouds | perched on deftwings of rain birds | call forth a downpour


everyday a rose | of a promise that is this | our beautiful lives

she has been shattered | but beauty shines from the shards | she will be made whole


family is not | only about DNA | it's about love

she's always known | who she is cien por ciento | ignores the doubters

no party to cover ups | she shares what rings true | no limitations

first day on the job | inserts holy foot in mouth | insults half the world

if there were only darkness | thoughts of you would light | up to shadows that turn ash | then deep purple that births dawn