Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Ku Train Challenge #2


I don't remember
winds of winter storms or snow
frozen glacial stares


railroad graveyards
trains longing for their heyday
iron horse resthome


above me fat clouds
threatening to turn gray
beautiful monsters


partly cloudy
the formula for rain or
heat on the horizon


in smokey mirrors
she is eternally yours
reflections on ice


on the good red earth
ancestors remained planted
enemies on chairs


my mind, a bubble
what? why did I just say that?
lost and found my brain


in curve of arms
bundle of new life thriving
captures a lost heart


stranger than fiction
that guy next door, sorcerer
peculiar his grace


the web of life we weave
our blink of an eye lives
a gossamer shawl

all poems are ©Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

'Ku Train


she ~ in a quartet
from the bassinet...blowin'
brass they sed only mens played


welcome mats melting
doors close before they open
talk to Elegua


Crow hit by four cars
came out without a scratch
shapeshifted to rubber ball


trumpet and sax
we were a symbioses
a Lucy and Ricky


she moved slow ~ molasses
sweet ~ inviting those hips
her hands and footwork


always smells earthy
freshly ground chocolate seeds bleeding/
the essence of me


being a have not
I'ma new copper penny
all shiny and new

the knack

pretty little thing
she was too good for him
kept right on shimmying


she was four then..when
the first of many goldfish
ended in her mouth


hot lead grazed her neck
she whipped out her slingshot and
killed the buster dead


the month of her birth
conceived Christmas eve
on eggnog and tamales


on a roll holding
her mind together by threads
yesterdays at bay


tweedle deedle a
blue beetle bumming around
my new house of cards


rake a comb through it
that mop be a broom
you need a new 'do


peeled like an orange
him in the palms of my hands
begging me to stop


brown eyes say it all
love and fear - the sound of it
diving in your pools


a pearl of you
under my skin winning me
an itch I dare not scratch

note to readers: 'ku (short for haiku) train is an idea cooked up by one of my compadres over at Once Upon a Time in the Projx poetry board ... You take a word - that the last writer left for you - and write a 17 syllable poem. It can be a haiku or a senryu or a poem of your own choosing but short. You use the word or a feeling, image or inspiration that comes to you based on that word. Then, after your poem's written you leave a word for the next person to write a poem from. You don't think too much about it,
the whole process is quick, like flash writing, you go in - there's a word -and you write, leave a word, and go... simple, challenging and lots of fun! Write on Neil!The above are my offerings to the process so far. c/s