Thursday, October 14, 2010

random 'ryū

random 'ryū


nine, today's number
a fine day to race away
to find another

More for G

you are here always
in our minds and these hearts~
we never forget

For Gail

your name powerful
an invocation to fly
full force to the winds


in another time
it is tomorrow today
you fly freely home

blessings for a friend

a wish and a prayer
to bless her on her way home
fond remembrances


discretely creeping
winding expertly from trees
he's silent, this noose

on losing a friend

today her heart breaks
her friend gone to ancestors
on the wings of wind

unlucky in love

locks her poor heart shut
against love entanglements
she has no such luck

old age

aching for a change
races against clocks, tick tock
waiting for no one

el merengue

icing on the cake
sugar raking across teeth
crunchy to the taste

sweet treats

licking this and that
drat the calories of all
make mine sugar free

Oaxaca landslides

their dark drenched mountains
decided just to nosedive
lost their insides out


clickity clacking
down the back stairs of his spine
this chiropractor


offbeat, his heart stops~
dancing every time he sees
her red soled black heels


meandering stream
winds at certain frequencies
a bend less traveled


oh small arm of sea
indigo channel cutoff
leading to a sound

my lover's name

sublime syllables
his name sliding over tongue
tattooed to my soul

between love and the other

the thin line between~
what you love and what you don't
is a fine silk thread

hurricane season in Havana

cobalt water drenched
the corners of 23rd
wings of seven seas


obsidian eyes
watch from the night's other side
waiting for answers

May Queen
a rose in her crown
of thorns, bloomed crimson instead;
opened up her mind

rainy day

the rainstorm sits still
waiting on the horizon
thunder beings dance


I'm wishing you here
knowing you are there, hearing
the same whistles blow

Senryū Soliloquy 3

Senryū Soliloquy 3


flattened to the floor
bulldozer mentality
knocked out in one blow


mama magma breaks
surface splits to release her
molten red blood boils


be blown to and fro
rhythmically challenged salvo~
prairie grass dancers


licked lips, cracked and split
while dreaming an oasis
drop skipped the mirage


jackboots a message
cruelty in their dark hardness
of country well-heeled


oh prickly dog rose
scrambling to cling and brush~
blackberries bleeding


line lifted eyebrows
perplexing convexity
a span of bird wings


laborious sun
a puzzling stargazer
orbiting cosmos


an eternity
galaxy's deep nebulae
in the endless dark


his body attracts
her center, a mighty force |
field of Spring greens gone

wind chimes

North wind helps sound rhymes
in glass chimes outside my door
your name in my ear


rhymes that do not try
but cry and ring anyway
that sail purple skies


a honeycomb home
so full of love and sunshine
yellow and sticky


her temperature
below zero but rises
sizes up the scene