Tuesday, October 31, 2017

April Senryū 2017

April Senryū 2017 
for Spring blooms 
harmonica harp | digs into her chest pulls strings | with heart ripping sounds
beso tus ojos | pero no recuerdas | cuánto me deseas
heat wave in streets | poetry and music calls | inside we write our souls
you catch my spirit | in your lightbox with an eye | it will be free again
no more predictions | on the weather or demons | on how they'll behave | 
all protocols abandoned | who knows how madmen will rule
to feel nostalgia | for those lips that need so much | witchcraft in his smile
our universe built | on sacred geography | with secret knowledge
a moment in time | same as in a thousand years | uniquely sincere
today her soul fell back | into place with his voice | smiling at her
a rain of lightning | that came down in thick ropes | with thunder up ahead
how to rip your heart | out of that story so old | from my heart that bleeds
when yesterday calls | not wishing to relive pasts | she will not answer
it's best to be gone | the way we come in a spark | in an instant
bombs should never be | but aimed at those who love war | not at innocents
bella bebida | caída del cielo | zumo de estrellas
there are no words | for cowards who drop bombs | for those who love war
moving in circles | she avoids head-on moon-slides | planets hula-hoop | backward and no one cares | spoiled princesses cause wars
sprouting grass moon | full bloom possibilities | in rainclouds embrace
storms threaten | music's gotten her through many | how lucky she's been
shall I bury you | are you finally dead and gone | your ghost's everywhere
wants to heal the world | revolutionary love | with mad crazy love
bombs against people | to send a don’t bomb message | that they shouldn’t bomb
In Lak’ech | I’m in you-you're in me | there are no six degrees
Spring is budding new | though evil tries to destroy | life on our planet
writes pretty poems | because she needs beauty | the world is so f&#*ed
spiders sway from silk | swings in trees blooming Springtime | green shoots buds of life
when people you love | the ones you think you know | hide in the shadows
there are thirteen sides | to every story with rules | our lives come with maps
when he touches her | there's no one else in the room | saxophone lightning
the first day of April | came in sunny and dry | who's foolin' who

Copyright © 2017 Odilia Galván Rodríguez.  All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 31, 2017

March Senryū 2017

for embracing new life with all its challenges
in one-hundred words | she writes him a love poem | an hasta luego
| maybe another forty | to say aloha again
dancing mid-street | not acting any age | trying to wake up 
unheard voices | speak to us in images | herstory muses
not an afterthought | who you think of while pruning | all of your roses
lonely people | in Japan they rent out cats | here spend days on-line
then she walked loveblind | into a new life chapter | it was much later
| she discovered his role | trivial to her story
an eclipse of light | you stand in the door | occulting the sun
dragons and snakes | soaring / seeking perspective | opposites attract
we won't say your name | you will forever be | just number 45
crow hitches a ride | posing as hood ornament | old time GPS
morning's afterbirth | rainbow rings around the sun | ice crystals bent light
she felt the bones break | before she ever got beat | she got so tired
| of a life dodging violence | before she could escape
trouble... the water | that needs healing like we do | pray for the answers
| sing the water whole again | if we believe we can
we don't grow old | our bodies wear and tear | there's no replacement parts
blood ties not always | as strong as those bonds we form | friends as familia
lugar mágico | donde fui concebida | entre mezquite
| y nopal brotando | flores de sol y sangre
World Poetry Day | let's all put down our weapons | unite in the word
| in flower and song offered | for peace and love to prevail
Spring is in motion | US climate glacial ice | waiting for the thaw
she cannot die | a person who creates | she was never born
| she transcends time and space | becoming and existence
what was hidden | heart in the present moment | brought into being
defrag your mind | fill in those gaps caused by hate | recall slows us down
easy amnesia | another word for denial | erase blasted pasts
| pretend we were all saints | we had no help sinning
can't lose everything | if you give it all away | sit in stillness
before time or space | lived dark where ego is killed | swirls unseen forces
her everyday eats | poems to calm a torment | non-monotonous
gap-toothed pain while ailing | from alien greed | craters in the head
a gypsy poet | with no birthplace monument | born on the road
a force to embrace | women who carry water | who know how to pray
you can pretend | you don't love me anymore | I know the truth
heading west for home | a piece of my heart lives there | on Pacific's shore
| a door to a future-past | one that will always last
rain is falling | in the garden plants lift heads | give thanks to the frogs
Copyright © 2017 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. All Rights Reserved.