Friday, April 08, 2016

March Senryū 2016

"Crows in the Hood" by Comrade Foot. Creative Commons.

for the ability to live up to challenges

we visit you here | in this place we can't fathom | with beautiful flowers

grand love
fathers \ daughters.
some, almost perfect, no?
there are those who could tell you truths --
to shame.

when you're proud to know | the boy you raised who grew wise | way beyond his years
that kiss was kismet | some past life holdover | now to get over it
wild blackbird warning | then car's back door flies open | wallet on the ground | 
Good Samaritan noticed | comes to your rescue saves day
old Havana | has her secrets hidden deep | in layers of paint
mysticwoman | she who sees beyond eyes | who hears the longtime voices
there are don't ride trains | ones that are going down wrong | sidetracked forever
the eyes have it | true windows to the heart/soul | what do yours say
she works in the dark | hands need no light to create | smooth and soothe the lines
people block the hate | with their bodies and prayers | close down the clown's cars |
until the streets can be safe | once more from this war on us
ancestral knowledge | sure as sunshine and moon rise | we are all welcomed
my dream peeps | are keepers and are not me | have their own lives to live
in shackles and chained | no respect for human beings | illegal they're not
kindness of strangers | takes you by the arm | welcomes you like family
sad for that hurt feeling | don't know why people hate | ocean bottom deep
in the morning | she will give thanks for being | for one more day |
to become a better human | to pray for health and kindness
tongues for justice | will never be silenced | from ashes rises fire
we geography | the maps and myths of our lives | places and people
beauty of the blush | of new flower bud just born | of sacred promise
new flood warnings | morning woke late and foggy | turned off her alarm
thunder beings roar | gulf waters jump up the shore | downpour on the brink 
going inward | to reflect on no reflection | mirror the darkness |
seeking out those specks of stars | your love that's become so small

hair clip
on the sidewalk~
rusty as the years long,
held up some beautiful tresses
back when.

so we dis-agree | about presidents and such | aren't we family |
we're not that divided | we both want peace and justice
land where you were made | where ancestors lived and died | a full life circle |
you piece together the songs | the wrongs no longer matter
a book is a world | enter its doors and go | journeying the unknown
the mother in her | makes them feel comfortable | is what makes them talk |
they open up like windows | on a bright sunny day
so much love is soup | simmered steamy with good will | veggies and chicken
hunger food for thought | and a quiet place in woods | where the raven calls
denial does no good | in friendship one must see | their own shortcomings

Copyright © 2016 Odilia Galván Rodríguez.  All Rights Reserved.

January and February Senryū 2016

Super Moon, July 12, 2014, courtesy Marie-Marthe Gagnon, Flickr Creative Commons.


for staying in the present todays, and for those sweet yesterdays that will never come again

lazy day Sunday | breakfast with a new friend | end and beginning
cool evening | sleeps and wakes a windy day | with gulf waves raging 
descarrilado | en medio de su mundo | tiniebla duro
derailed | in the middle of his world | hard darkness
torrential rains one minute | then hot sun barking | loudly on the street 
full snow moon | this is not June it’s winter | the false Spring’s singing | 
songs of fireflies and ladybugs | it’s certainly not summer 
full hunger moon | a desire for flowers | ready to spread wings
what you could have had | but decided to pass up | took love for granted 
you know what’s missing | are torn apart by grief | can’t figure out why 
a warriors heart | bigger than their whole body | often full of ache | 
the force of convictions | motivated by deep love
your good face forward | there’s no place for grief | so lead with a smile | 
think of your tears as wings | that fly over the gulf searching 
your big sun smile | loves every minute of joy | this work has brought | 
and Spring’s wanting to be sprung | you in every flower
love not a one day affair | it’s three-hundred-sixty five | twenty-four-seven |  
like you crave sun in winter | cool water in the spring
you are a love | from time before time mattered | you will always be 
we are witnesses | to the injustice | world of greed and hate 
you’ve become a saint | a prophet to remember | your teachings humble
there are trees that speak | skin’s related to bark | you listen content | 
always knew they are relatives | guarding you since you were young
his skin on yours silk | your young bodies seamless | no begin or end just two
you are everywhere | in every living being | it does my heart good 
of ghosts and spirits | we dream each other’s stories | that ignore borders 
imagining | a better world to leave | for future
when all the stars stared | down to find you in the midst | there you were in trees | 
a wind song kissing leaves | you always wanting verde 
story of her life | the best ones choose others | her picker broken
she is leaking grief | leaving its blue trickle trail | everywhere she goes 
the road gives you time | to know you are from there | home is where you are
she shakes her head | knowing it’s not really true | you have not gone on
they hang out their shingle | sell pretty new age snake oil | so buyer beware 
only her medicine | words that can’t be spoken | but sung aloud | 
can save her from sadness | that place of despair 
speak in fiery tongues | from our mouths encantations | fly forth in love 
you here in the wind | in the trees where black birds sleep | in the deepest song


when you love without | an agenda about you | thinking you are it
dark misty coastline | driving rain and loving it | missing the unseen
those who make medicine | with their good words no lies | with their good hearts
the imposters masks | shall be ripped from their faces | take no places | 
that do not belong to you | your lies become the crows call
we try to understand | what can never be | how to move on
with the snow moon full | you say your final goodbyes | fly into the light
rest in peace | sweetest Rose of the valley | mother to so many
worn out your machine | called a body a temple | and you want to dream
beyond borders | you fly home to ancestors | who wait with open arms
hermano mio | fly home to the ancestors | to their resplendent arms | 
In Xochitl In Cuicatl
we worry in vain | about much we can't control | better to have glee
it's a new year | a chance at beginnings | give thanks every day

Copyright © 2016 Odilia Galván Rodríguez.  All Rights Reserved.