Tuesday, March 03, 2015

February Senryū 2015

for being able to not only see, but to believe in the truth
she worries he’ll fly | so fast his wings won’t carry | the weight of the past | but one can only live | the life they are assigned
family blood ties | land wind and trees that witnessed | births of our ancestors | whose hearts are buried here | deep down in this rich brown earth
we write our lives | in lines across years | on paper we set our sails
they wake from flying | poems that come through day dreams | then birth themselves whole
there’s nothing sexy | about trains going off rails | but clouds making rain | is natural as babies | being born blessed this morning
earth’s survival | is not dependent on us | our survival
love is a whole world | immense feelings filled with hope | of tremendous joy
a bright bud | of a new Rose bloomed | born brilliant
the way they fit | pieces of this puzzle lost | fine tuned enigma | put back together again | if she’s wrong just let her go
today’s road is peace | birds soar in the vast sky | on path partying
these ashes cross me | symbol ofa life’s circle | ever returning
yo canto rio | tu estas dentro | del agua yo grito amor | te quiero mas qu’el agua | que corre por mis venas
aún te quiero | despues de todo amor | siempre es siempre
she wants only love | pure simple and willing love | not convenience
she’s always prepared | with contingency plans | to win or lose
there’s no Valentine | but my heart is secure | Love is everywhere
hormonal blues | the do’s and don’ts of aging | how old are you
tremendous joy | followed by hollow sadness | of life’s ups and downs
contemplating | Spring and cleaning out clutter | the consequences
she got tired of being | a poem on lips of people | who did not know her
what do trees tell me | about life they’ve lived so long | standing ones so wise
our grapes deep purple | staring out from the clear cup | warming up the dark
a day of new beginnings | hatched in candle light | as winter lingers
you are the poem | not the words that fly from her | a brilliant starlight
there’s never a way | to undo past mistakes | just forgive yourself
troubled turbulence | she’s humbled in its belly | iron bird travels
plump with promise | of healing inner demons | full moon rises proud
bone moon rising | while winter beats at the door | sip the marrow soup

poems and photo copyright © 2015 Odilia Galván Rodríguez.
All Rights Reserved.