Monday, June 02, 2014

May Senryū 2014

dreams don’t have borders | they soar on the wings of hope | we make destiny

only poetry | or high speech fit to say | your god-given name

offer love and light | for your beautiful spirit | will shine forever
                                                                                                    Rest in power.

support warriors | who fight with their hearts and minds | for future

poisons hide | in our water air and food | we reclaim our earth

her gray hair marks her | an elder of the people | wisdom highlights

teach in the garden | plants have so much to say | about nature ways

symbols of pride | knowing where you come from | lead you where you must go

never forget | those brave enough to stand | for future generations

converted boxcars | farmworker homes in long lines |  straight as row crops

what is a wild woman | if not one who knows | her nature is free

we have the right | to know what we put into | our bodies are our own

you don’t have | to believe in possessing | nothing posses  you

the truth is | that many don’t want to know | ignorance kills slow

the nature of things | alive on this planet | is their power

vision yourself strong | just like mountains live long | it’s not your time to go

healing ourselves | when everything says | you are getting too old |
not needed anymore | is an act ofcourage

not so strong | as standing ones that see far | our days fly swiftly by | 
we must not fear ending | it’s another beginning

we pray for all those | assailed by illness | struck down by life’s lightning 

teach compassion | to the littlest beings | they crave learning

this train carries me | back to one of my heart homes | this train...

muddy Misi-ziibi | trees imbued with voices | along the Tear Trail

what can cold rain teach | some days it's better to stay | indoors where it's warm

there's more to see | just beyond the horizon | rain gives way to sunshine

ancient seas flowed here | chiseled away life's layers | left their distinct marks

everyday love | our mother's never forget | we are sown to their souls

twilight between trees | feathery cypress sway | birds go off to sleep

roots travel deep | their feet deeply entrenched | in rich red earth

flat fertile prairies | small towns surround lands bounty | must bloom sunshine seeds

our sun is shining | somewhere on the blue planet | go there in your mind

your mind on Springtime | trees and flowers blooming | with so much beauty

all our relations | imbued with living power | the colors of life

poems copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.