Wednesday, August 03, 2011

July Senryū


you again in my dreams | telling me you still love me | sorry you’re gone

purple dawn leaks through | sleep soaked curtains covering | night frosted windows

shattered illusions | no way out imagining | lost is sometimes found

doors open and close | for us daily - most times | without our knowledge

racing sky river | clouds a riptide of currents | flowing in blue air

tiny sigh of breeze | the wind picks up on the wings | of new things to come

purples skies give way | to a new day waking | red cardinals fly

Lake Michigan | ocean of a lake breaking | my childhood heart

for you're just waiting to die | no joy for future | is no way to live

these doors | deceiving of reason | why we enter

doors to other worlds | where we live fantastic lives | real or imagined

red moon eclipse | ellipsis to words I’ve missed | saying I love you

blue are we that feel | how the past casts long shadows on | our present days

Grandmother’s twinkle | her eyes from the other side | helps heal us, our world

prayers for cool rain | to wash away the fire | of heat without end

fireflies welcome me | back to my childhood | balmy night freedom

feel with your heart | what your head cannot say | love is the answer

the memories of you | fleeting and fading | back into the past

was hazy all day | our Bay Area praying | for more summer

ripe corn moon | sends you a kiss before sleep | while wishing on stars

sure enough their tough | cactus blooms and prickly pears | but tender at heart

morning gloom in gray | sun still not up for a fight | smiles must suffice

may cooling waters | refresh the people’s spirits | heal burning brush-lands

flowery words fly | out the mouth instead of dread | something good to say

when you shoot the messengers | voices continue | their truth does not fade

this mud earth-water | a swirling of life | una mescla sagrada

copper teeth of wind | electric scent after lightning | biting the sun

wind’s first breath so sweet | sweeps into our new bodies | to waken us fresh |
breathed deep after the long sleep | keeps us safe ‘til we go home

green lizard heart | red in his swelling throat | croaking out a call

our poems called songs | our words flowers sent skyward | arrows to sow love

estranged arrangements | trying to keep harmony | alive in our hearts

©Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2011