Thursday, March 15, 2012

February Senryū ~ 2012

February Senryū

leap on a year | make it yours prosper and grow | wildly

family | blood and the ones who take you in | sunshine and rainstorms

then you fly skyward | to a new destination | holding onto earth

the circle of life | rotates at breakneck speed | daily we pray for peace

can we forgive | what was our life as children | not pass on the sins

gone away again | fleeting moments together | her life's not the same

give her one good word | takes it in like a deep breath | exhales a poem

broken down steel mills | the city of my youth now | a blown down ghost town 

what a great life | sun is shining through the haze | a day to give thanks 

it's a long way home | when you live in three countries | your heart the anchor

he is her country | in sleep she travels to see | there are no borders

give thanks for today | tomorrow may never come | live the joy life brings

silencing women | all you hear are your own fears | echoing back

no room for fear | to seep in at night on tails | of otherwise dreams

a two year old wise | says strawberries are hearts | makes a sweet life

your heart and mine | entwined for a lifetime | one beat at a time ♥

the mottled grey sky | with sun barely peeking through | feels like my heart

no words | silence soothes the sadness | only time can heal

fly on the wings | of your songs that flew us high | into ancestors arms

our sacred sites | thin the veils between | edges of another world

we are still here | people think we've disappeared | ancestors returned

seeds bleed up through red | earth feeding her children | a blessed birthright

always on the move | winning and losing her ground | around the globe

leaves quiver | water trembles in its pool |the ground zigzagging

underwater | islands are forming | birthing up through shale

onyx colored eyes | shimmer your reflection | dark as lake bottom

catches her breath | on inhale she prays inward | needing more goodness

talk with ancestors | tell them of our plight | may they help us win the fight

against ignorance | against fear and hate | for all that is good and just

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2012

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