Sunday, March 11, 2012

January Senryū

January Senryū

back in the bay | grey waters match the sky | loved ones brighten the day

humidity lingers | on edges of this day | then folds into rain

spidery gray |the clouds close their gloved fingers | around this cool day

the rain-wind howled in | perched on thunder beings wings | marching in circles

sometimes life's beautiful | so beautiful | it seems like a dream

moonlight catches silver | highlights in gray hair | earned through survival

your essence lives on | dedication and hard work | is still flowering

born dew-struck the dawn | stained bluish it's silky skin | from greenish water

time's broken open | some families fall apart | unshielded from pain

ocean's voice so far | eddies in the moonlight | your sea still calls me

difficult mornings | hummingbirds miss their visit | when she aches for peace

everyday poems | the ones that report your day | little words that shout

behold | a faded flower | in all her beauty

circling the years | that flash of life lived fast | slow is forever

wild and fiery | she gives thanks for her life | a roaring beauty

night shadows recede | footsteps fade on cobblestones | day leaks under shades

a surge of the sea | salt reaches open windows | tears come in waves

in the dark kitchen | they dance their hearts together | songs of a lifetime

windows cracked and split | by stones shot at mango tree | ripe fruit falls frightened

opaque with stardust | a navy-blue sky pregnant | with the moon's promise

jarred from a nightmare | her room quakes in fear | she's safe under thick blankets

the edge of sandbars | rivers thick underwater | currents singing

dark and steamy streets | currents of people streaming | going nowhere

monsoon rains | whip the roofs in ropes | singing winter songs

earth will pass through clouds | watery incarnation | of icy crystals

mornings here make an entrance | sun calls you from sleep | says its a NEW day

an odd light glistens | into their bedroom window | not night nor day

brushing her arm | like feathers his fingers light | he folds her into him

you guide me in arms | we glide to the sound of waves | at the Malecon

she cried black tears | while he held her in his arms | counted their heartbeats

arms, a delicate framework | for all lovers | dancing a lifetime

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez

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