Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Décimas Para Las Almas Sin Alas / Décimas For Souls Without Wings

                        Full of Grace
                                    Llenas de Gracia

From their first smile, to their first dance
Our daughters fill us with new hope
Even when it's too hard to cope
We know someday they'll have a chance
For a better life, for romance
We dream our grandchildren's faces
Ancestors returned from places
Surely we will visit one day
Daughters hold the seeds to the way
Creator blessed them with this grace

The English word grace belongs to a large cluster: Grace, graceful,gracious, gratis, grateful, gratify, gratuitous, congratulate, ingratiate. All grounded in Latin gratus: pleasing, beloved, agreeable, favorable, thankful.
The Latin-derived words are a cluster of Greek words: chara, joy; chairo, to rejoice;charizomai, to give freely; charisma, gift; eucharistia, gratitude, thanksgiving; charis, grace. The core word in the Greek cluster is chara, joy.  There’s something of joy in grace.

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