Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January Senryū 2015

for wings to fly above the bullshit  ✿⊱╮

she no longer knows | where she ends and he begins | it's a soul union

oh groove and rhythm | that marvelous soundtrack | of your crazy life

life is a dance | you can sit on the sidelines | get on up wallflowers

there's a difference | not forgetting or invoking | your name is not called | no summons to this hell | you left now rest in peace

we think the earth | a never ending resource | an oyster to scoop out

stuck with thinnest needles | to poke at what ails you | here's to our health

sometimes we just can't | there's no more of us to give | so we turn inward | take care of ourselves awhile | let other's figure it out

get out of your head | breathe into your navel | what does your gut say | what does your heart feel | forget the brain chatter

a beautiful remnant | a love lost | from a long ago past

your mind on deserts | on vast ancient ocean floors | where spirit waves flow

it's good medicine | half a forest in her cup | to heal winter ills

for all those who roam
those who have no home
even though there are plenty

for those who love the road
who are despised for this or
for being other

there are better days
for those who live free
stay brave within yourself


dirty laundry | should not be aired in public | wash your funk privately

she carries her own | heavy weight in a man’s world | takes care of business

honestly you were blind | now you see me | the one who’s no longer there

like beautiful flowers | we're born and don't understand | precious life is short

big wet kisses | from spirit-dog just passed | he's happy in his new home

flowers bloomed in snow | roots reached down into warm earth | delicate and strong

all souls are the same | no one's better than | the ones who we love

she races | erasure chases her | to overcome

ego knows no bounds | one must pull in on its reins | humble is better

what is in your heart | might not be what's on your mind | it's better to feel

to be held sure | where hearts do not doubt their love | to feel secure

when you thought you knew | who loved you and it turns out | it was never true

communication | breakdown no time for texting | find a real landline

when you begin to see | your faults as your own | instead of blame

full moon insomnia | full-wolf howling in the hills | chanting a story

when you’ve wished for | hurt and pain to disappear | stars to remind hearts | that without the bad no good | galaxies of joy to come

full-moon mood monsoon | a time to lie low | let it all go just relax

trees sang in their way | of silence is deafening | said don't ask believe

copyright © 2015 Odilia Galván Rodríguez.
All Rights Reserved.

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