Saturday, January 03, 2015

December Senryū

For all the beauty that is this world
and all the joy and the anguish of being alive ~


store your hopes and dreams | shooting stars and giant redwoods |
in a bigger jar

tomorrow she's travelin' | to the trees to tell her | something 'bout next year | her heart hurts to see | images of relatives | unburied and frozen | spirits gone on home after | the merciless massacre

don't know how many | tears I can shed like this rain | that would be enough | to show you my sorrow | it will never be enough

I am my own tree | come from a tall and strong stand | not felled easily

billowy clouds | of corn masa mixed just right | grandmothers guiding |
first time hands spreading manna | from the heaven that formed us

she red dust in hand
blows it outward towards the sun
which refuses to shine
she a petite sorcerous
knows how to guide the wind

her heart fragile | because she despises hate | hurts for all humans

joy to the world | cease fire has come | all's quiet on the war front

from the darkness | a slight smile in the sky | she searches for the light

love has no color | but there's a kind of magic | we love who we love

what divides us | not just a stretch of blue | those 90 miles |
an abyss filled with stories | love and loss deep emotions

days get longer still | winter continues its dance | Spring's along way off

night throated train | singing down those cold tracks | reminds her she's alone

solstice longest night | days wax until they are long | again seasons change

a scratch the new moon | a slight shadow of itself | this winter solstice | as the year's shortest day | melts into the longest night

wind whipped mercilessly | with rain against windows | the people stayed home

she thinks of your lips | chafed from kissing her too much | makes her body blush

in amongst the trees | she hides secrets from prying | walls that have ears | like eyes that do not see | she's what they want her to be

river rushed in wide | races to reach overflow | its banks can not hold |
its force back to normal | after the bitter drought

abracadabra | my words have power | to create what I speak

wind is relentless | it speaks all through the night | tells of the coming |
solstice with its long night | while we rejoice the seasons

the storm's wet mouth | will not swallow us whole no | it brings relief |
from the dreaded drought that burns | that turns fields into dust storms

that young woman | in the photograph's a ghost | of who she once was | she is not her she's someone | whose lived many lives since then

she is in a dream | or just waking up from one | long ago one |
looks towards future sleepy eyed | in that instant a world changed

if it is wrong | for me to love you let me be | on the right path

the wind has claws and teeth |tries to shred up the roof | off of my house

let her love you | the way she wants to | with all her heart and soul

you wish that you'd met | again on this life's road | at least to say good-bye

we begin as seeds | sprout wild fly fast into being | unruffled our beauty | untangled innocence | mature into wisdom

full cold moon | your eye rimmedwith tears and shame | on what they have done

we witness | that without justice | there can be no peace
without justice | there can be no peace | no justice no peace
when we must raise our children | to be murdered anytime |
on these mean streets | by those whom we pay to protect us |
there is no justice | no justice
no peace

Copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez.
All Rights Reserved.

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