Monday, December 03, 2012

November Senryū 2012

she stands lakeside | staring at the glass green lake | prays for good journeys |
her mother stares out windows | buscando la luna

people are afraid | the world will end or collapse | we need a big change

underwater moon | looks up through watery clouds | contemplates life

call them terrorists | call them savage non-people | then take their land

parents bury their babies | who've perished in war | and the world weeps

little children  | should not die in adult wars | wanting for peace

war is raging | the planet is morphing | into infernos

we pray for people | suffering loss of loved ones | for no reason

blessed rain that still falls | a smile from the ancestors | hugs from a loved one |
all these things I give thanks for | everyday of my life

put the world back | together it is splitting | in so many ways

words watercolor | the day is gray-blue infused | concealed is worry

world is scarier | best to pretend you're tougher | than the worst monsters

she remembers | that she forgets then forgets | she remembers 

estranged from her mind | sees a new world distorted | everything is lost

her mind's taken | intermittent vacations | from reality

today's a clear day | just a bit of confusion | of memories

take it or leave it | what you see is what you get | the door won't hit me |
and  then on the way out | I decide to come back in

a moment of truth | flicked away in a heart beat | that fast it's a lie

too truths are painful | no comparing oppression | personal hurt hurts 

sleep walking pequeñita | falls into strong arms |  needing her comfort

her three-year-old voice | sings a bright lyrical song | filled with a new day

twisted logic trips | the wire wrapped around lies | truth bursts from darkness

can you believe in | what people speak or depend on | what your heart says

little one predicts | rain today the sky opens | and sheds her blessings

she paints with words | the world she envisions | for future generations

my blue Chicago | steel strong and long memoried | divided we fall

a day to sleepwalk | dreams of miracles | to wish back what will happen

houses were ripped | swept into a raging ocean | their roots left dangling

we pray with our ancestors | offer them delights | sing long into night
sad poems of their passing | joyful songs of their bright lives

the day of little angels | that come back to sleep | cradled in our arms ❋

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