Saturday, November 03, 2012

October Senryū

the big city lights | knocked out by nature's right cross | do not shine this night

last dark clouds parted | double rainbows embraced sky | they welcomed the sun

wind howls in voices | of those who are coming | earthside for a visit

gray banks of rainclouds | gather more force at sunset | make ready the sky |
to spill its charred dark bellies | while wild wind mouths are wailing

she unbraids her hair | night tresses shot with silver | lets day fall away 

she unbraids the stress | of the day by hugging her | loved ones young and bright

she reaches in | takes her mother's heart in hand | restarts the love beating

let's wash off the night | eight hours is a long time | traveling dreamtime

life changes | in one day a whole world turns | over load

one of our strongest | a warrior was called home | hearts ache his absence

she cuts her hair | to release memories | of long ago pain

legacy | all our love and passion | demanding justice

truth | warriors speak in their walk | in their actions

visits home on-line | writes stories channeled | by ghosts becoming spirits

the only upside | of arguing with someone | is when they forget

instead of high-heels | She put on her stand-up shoes | knowing that she's strong

life was happier | in the back when | no one really remembers

we try to live up | to the worlds we believe in | not the lies we're fed

dancers time their moves | a writer's words dance too | music the rhapsody

a day reminding | winter's swiftly on the way | falls sure footed heels

use your computer | for a heating pad | to fire up ideas

sometimes you argue | all that heat becomes exhaust | then you hope for peace

people are puzzles | whole worlds in and of themselves | try to understand

I celebrate | the peoples survival | in hate's face

it's a mistake when | you only care about you | forget others

inexplicable loves | you can't force away | that can't be unbound

her face to the sky | a rose seeking sun's light | giving thanks for life

children buried in bodies | of grown folk pretending | life's not precious

in rivers of lies | truth floats on fallen leaves | drifting free

she seeks revenge | for a love promised taken | all she finds is sorrow

she is triumphant | her refusal to vanish wins | despite his venom |
his years of abuse | her heavy veil is lifted 

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