Friday, December 02, 2011

September and October Senryū

October Senryū

beautiful and brown | nation of people who stand | proud to be alive

summer's flowers swim | in a pool of fall |  their colors ever hopeful

wind carries the taste | of sweet promise on her lips | praying steadily

millions dispossessed | plastic dreams beyond our means | sold to the highest bidder

she wants to be paid | for painting dreams on paper | folded into cranes

roots of oppression | when not acknowledged | strangle flowering struggles

Know your history - decolonize Wall Street!

because we stand | on their shoulders looking out | a new day is coming

pure white lilies | lie about their nature | having yellow hearts 

sunshine on the edge | burns off the dredged memories | mired in should'ves

the place of knowing | is oftentimes filled with doubt | about the journey

you were not a dream | flesh and blood mixed with fire | the wind blew away

Summer's melted into Fall | daylight shrinks further | shadows bring spirits

her heart a flower | opening to the sweetness | life a sacred gift

her prickly pear heart | loved you and lost | crushed margarita 

my mind tips over | into dreams and other worlds | sleep eludes morning

five miles to ride | one more day of spinning | into the purple sky

down watery streets | lights reflect their living souls | spirits scissor kick

la sirena | siren of the seven seas | underwater queen 

she’s a heart bleeding | a wounded bird since you left | one drop at a time 

la luna luna | quienes ojos consuma | con su belleza ~
the moon, moon | whose eyes does she consume | with her beauty ~

young man, old man - thee | look, look, what do you see? | people, people living ~

September Senryū

missing tomorrows | that never came and yesterdays | waiting to be born

his shattered sky | a million blue splinters | azure butterflies

golden harvest moon | pregnant abundance | wanes into the equinox

gray light is burning | off hillsides holding the Bay | we pray for better days

what minds forget | our young hearts remember | tender as new shoots

stared in disbelief | indelible images | saying, we did this

the pool of sorrow | is too deep to swim in long | burst out of the blues

counting blessings | best belief in the now | calming turbulence

Summer is Falling | humming birds fly backwards | bejeweled hearts flutter

to breathe easy | without the stress of confined | spaces and minds open

middle children | though tucked snugly in-between | sometimes the most alone

she is all of this | calm sunny days | the rain and deadly winds stirring

beautiful unions | opposites that fit like puzzle's | pieces of dreams

one never knows | the *whole* truth is slippery | but the sun shines through

poems ©Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2011

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