Friday, December 02, 2011

November Senryū

November Senryū

wars so far from home | their casualties wear death masks | the truth buried deep

in fine white mist | fog creeped up the hillsides | cold, a thin blanket

words bite and strangle | a tangle of tongues turned | knots hard to untie

there is nothing black | about today, if you just stay | away from the lies

food cooked with big love | those aromas that remind | tastes that can't compare

fusion | 
color and sound | 
rounding out atmosphere | 
so dear to me the taste of new |

shadows gather | for winter's blanket covers | in gray rainy days

we give thanks all days | for our people's survival | that we are still here

this dream called life | no way to awaken from | a sometime nightmare

sometimes haunted | those precious given moments | indelible past

invisible ties | that bind us all together | across this planet

yearning the long road | a return home to no place | she dreams the river

a golden angel | greets the masses moving | along the boulevard

midnight mariachis | meet us upon arrival | D.F. never sleeps

bella Oaxaca | flor de las naciones | casa de todos

desire | such a weak word to describe | a famished mouth

child's shadow follows | it's sleep walking body | thinking it's awake

Oaxaca's foothills | this rich red earth's sentinels | surround the morning

poems ©Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2011

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