Saturday, June 04, 2011

May Senryū 2011

May Senryū 2011

sharp tongues lash out strong | word projectiles penetrate | souls leaving deep scars

we remember | those never to be forgotten | warriors all

we remember | our ancestors and martyrs | blood does not forget

so many your words | though too few to describe you | poet of our times /

the pain of your passing now | lives in the clearest of blues

little black widow | your clan and I had a pact | you in your corners /
we humans stand back | then no one gets hurt

adobe walls | warm arms extending 'round them | earth, straw and sweet sweat

blue lotus flower | captured in cobalt calmness | waiting for sunrise

oh our little feet | grow into men's or women's | to take that stepped path

my son gifted me | some bluebells to remember | never to worry

they made their last stand | brave at the stronghold | dancing true for the people

our new border | is that you are no longer | allowed to cross us

the rapture of minds | longing for the end | of tech-no-logic life

she loved fandangos | tangos her favorite trance | dances with teeth

trying to touch heart | summon up compassion | when suspicion runs high

icy winds swoop up | flowers confused a | sudden return of winter

la lluvia | la mañana de mañanas | y tu sonrisa

putting on a new facade | the house is brighter | rouge on an old face

unburied in disdain | sacred bones, our ancestors | stolen legacy /
we would not dare desecrate | the bones of your forebears

moon when leaves are green | bees bringing in the pollen | Spring in full bloom

obsidian crows | caw in the translucent dawn | dancing in shadows

dreaming nasturtiums | the red empress on fire | lavishing in bed

we rise above hate | embrace solidarity | soar into love

the road ~ a doorway | beginning and end | our destiny ~ a spiral

the best race is | to everyday become | a better human

where is empathy | people are slaughtered | yet most care more for their pets

her door is painted | the color of his tattoos | deep dark indigo

muses sing praises | of those tuned in poets | their heavenly voices

for your gypsy self | on the move again | home is so many places

mourning the knowledge | of hatred and hardened hearts | we pray for blessings

war does not achieve | human understanding | peace ~ is the answer

genetic warfare | these demons seek to destroy | nature, its people

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