Sunday, May 29, 2011

April Senryū

April Senryū 2011

day at the beach | she seeks sand solace | a balance of sun and breeze

no time for Royal weddings | while people die | in dirty wars |
or starve to death | all that money spent for show

full of sun | a day for ceremony | people smile brightly

terracotta dreams | a desert vessel full | of pure crystalline rain

indelible | that tattoo of you on me | indigo

chiles poblanos | roasted on a hot comal | smoke out the house green
tonight after scorched day cools | there'll be rajas con crema

sidewalk skillets | sun shines down it's merciless | smile of bleached white bite

indigo birds sing | new flowers into being | love into the world

decisions of heart | not reasoned with ones head | must be felt inward

predestined to bloom | her road was not too rocky | when she stayed on path

Milky Way vision | starfish in deepest sky sea | cloudy waves dancing

all roads lead homeward | a bowl of sky filled with stars | maps, our heads and hearts

desecrate no more | the bones of our ancestors | buried in red earth

if we united | what a force we could be | for justice and peace ♥

nuclear power | unclean for eternity | equals death not light

a delicate map | indelible indigo | on butterfly wings

no one stops Pink Moon | she grows ripe mirroring us | as seasons flow past

grackle cantata | early morning car alarms | summoning the sun

canto un tango | sueño bailar contigo | en las sombras

I sing a tango | and dream of dancing with you | in the shadows

stars shine through pin holes | comfort in the mesh of dreams | night's velvet fabric

sun seared sidewalks | bones bleached similarly | desirous of dusk

hammock dreams | up in the air feeling grounded | bare feet on smooth tiles

ancient books of fate | helped reveal destinies | remedy bad fortune

estranged arrangements | some distances can heal hearts | letting it all go

milky bathwater | dye tracing a path of death | this ocean once life

thunder beings ring | indigo sky in the arbor | waiting to dance

this is not water | burning, or a mushroom cloud... | it is a beautiful rose |
trying to make sense | of all the madness

flurry fever dreams | to right wrongs of centuries | when chickens come home

with Spring comes sorrow | borrowed from Winter's storms | that lingered too long

wheel of the world turns | what is coming has been cast | a day in and out

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2011

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