Monday, April 05, 2010

Poem 4 - Parallel Universes

the rouge of camellias
their cinnamon scented faces
upturned towards the light
our synchronous vibrations
are reflected in this wholeness
where we are but a stitch
in the fine mesh of creation’s web

in a parallel universe
you and I have danced
this back and forth before
we have taken our love far
in all directions
as far as it will go
at once and never

again is often better
because by then the rough edges
of youth have been burnished
bright and hence are smoothed
like the crags of ancient
mountains ground down
by four winds

the plague of humanness is
striving for someone else's
idea of perfection
or never seeing the need
to become better

every day
our faces turned
towards the light

© Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2010


lillyanne said...

Dear Odilia Galvan Rodriguez, I found this wonderful poem of yours in 2004 and featured it in an anthology of poetry I was editing. And now I have another request to make to you about it.

I have just joined the Tuesday Poem blog ( where, every week, writers and poets present a poem they love. If you would allow it, it would give me enormous pleasure to begin my contributions by posting your poem. May I do that?

With my thanks for your work, and - I hope - for your permission as well,

Belinda Hollyer
My website and blog are at

Odilia Galván Rodríguez said...

Belinda, thanks for the request I thought we had previously spoken on this and that I had given you permission. Please feel free to share "Migratory Birds" on tuesdaypoem. Greetings! Odilia