Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have been in California for about three weeks now.
I feel as though I never left and that so much is new
all at the same time. I was sick for one of these weeks
which gave me some time to just be still for a minute.
Here so many have what I call the, "crazy ant syndrome" or
CAS - have to be moving in many directions all at once. I'm
always vigilant regarding this dis-ease because once
upon a time it had me in its grips and the only way
I was able to escape it was to have a complete melt
down. Melt downs are a hard way to change your life
or to stop being a crazy ant. I choose to take more
or less control of my life so as not to get back into
that lifestyle which is so easy to fall into here in the

The best part of this homecoming has been spending quality
time with my son Hawk. We've done some cooking together -
over the phone, if you can imagine that. Yes, while I was
recovering from the dreaded crunk (the flu) he called me up
to ask how to make black beans, white rice and picadillo. The
whole experience was so much fun and very sweet. I gave him a
list of the ingredients for each dish, we discussed amounts and
even in what order they should be prepared. Once he had it all
written down, he went shopping for the ingredients he was lacking
and then got back to his apartment and started cooking. He
called a few times during the process to check out one detail or
another. His questions were always good ones. My housemate Dee Dee
would exclaim, "That is so sweet!" every time the phone would ring and
it would be Hawk with another question or update. The dinner turned out
so yummy that he put up a picture of his served plate on his facebook page.

Sometimes we must turn off the phone, the internet, the TV or whatever other
external objects keep us from ourselves, from giving us the space to just
be quiet and go within. Introspection is a great thing and helps alleviate
CAS lol! So I will be doing more yoga classes and less of the things that
keep me too occupied to enjoy a cooking session with my son, even if it did
have to be by phone because I was ill.

レo√乇♥レo√乇♥レo√乇♥ yourself and others!


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