Monday, November 03, 2014

October Senryū

October Senryū

  for all death that comes dancing


los muertos no se van | siempre son nuestros | vivos en corazones | 
en historias y cuentos | viven en los poemas de vida

Dia De Muertos | no es el Halloween | un día de ancestros

your voice travels through | I hear your don't forget me | this now without you

when she lives in her head | instead of her heart | that is when fear appears

coyote crossed her path | on a walk down the hills | breakfast in his mouth

bleeding lies to justify | their untruths and hate | what permeates here

blood as in hunters moon | as in ebb-flow | as in tides of desire

golden petals bright | guide their spirits in the night | a feast for the eyes

revolution | is not selfies of you | objectifying |
yourself and therefore all | womankind

testing truth in lies | the way you think words matter | and they do sister | 
they do if they’re authentic | if they help us all to rise… rise

Fall leaves scatter | a divine artist’s palette | ambrosia in color

life becomes cloudy | living in a bottle | with no way out

self medicates | to keep away the raw | everyday feelings brought on | 
by time-machine living | when things never change

save your country | where your ancestors hearts are | 
buried inred earth | aching to be free from hate

disbelieve borders | trying to tell you your worth | fly over the moon

we may well show you | a side you’d never know | otherwise

elixir of life | TV’s false fountains (of youth) | it could simply be a smile

racism kills | it hurts all us humans | keeps us divided |
divisions are devices | meant to keep hearts apart

Pintura : Palabra

palaver : platica
a talk between tribespeople
what artists : writers hear
with eyes and
respond with their hearts

they will pray the rain | they will sing and dance the rain | they will beg the rain | 
and when earth is respected | again the rain will come down

the way we witness | world events responding | with poetry

she won't obambulate no | today is to rest | contemplate the sky

in different orbits | a knot that can't be undone | a tie that binds us

minutos cuentan | y el tiempo semece | en una silla |
cuando uno espera | vivir para siempre

minutes count | and time rocks | in a chair |
when one expects | to live forever

when you are hurt so am I | this the nature of things | love and family

she refuses to live | on timetables that sigh | those empty head shakes

celestial fireworks | star showers zip across skies | happiness to behold

she sketches him | only memories to guide | blue in light's shadow

there is no instant  |replay on the children | we lose to hate

blood moon rising | eclipses truths in shadows | light always surfaces

Poems copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 

All Rights Reserved.

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