Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Senryū 2014

still confused just talk | you want to know the facts ask | I will tell you all

regret won’t let go | like you got what you deserve | loss and confusion

find inner courage | channel it outward for change | fire burns deep down

mezcalito | habla en tu oído | susurra hondo |
tu nombre en el aire | un pájaro que vuela

cloud-walker whispers | to four winds about trances | she finds herself in |
satiable dreaming tricks her | out on the ledge once again

rainy and cold | today her smile becomes the sun | tomorrow's flowers

strong light inside | hearts that pay love forward | a beacon for rainy days

he was her country | but now she is an exile | looking for new roots

one who lost | someone they loved then found | past catches up to present

what you question | may be a good thing or not | where you go is key

moving slow slow-mo | bullets returned every gun | holstered forever | every spirit enters life | again there can be sweet peace

For Lo ॐ
your bright eyes good luck | charms a bunch of cilantro | into a pot we cook good | never forget those we love | together beautiful heart

wildblue agave | people hear your sound wisdom | in a jaguar cup

come up to my house | la casa azul so blue | without you I'm lost

does he think of her | when voices of trains call him | down those lonely tracks | or in the full light of once | upon a time a blue moon

laying down track | to forget yesterdays | going towards tomorrows

coatl querido | your beautiful shed skin | to wear with pride

arms and legs flailing | whipping up spirals of love | twist and shout

false Spring blanketed | frosty by late-winter snows | as daffodils dance

veils of other worlds | blessing us with their presence | sheer skirts of angels

magic a woman | luminescent | with boundless incantations |
her core sunk deep in the earth | from there she rises like fire

fresh day sun comes out | to play with people of earth | smiling ✿

didn't know how to act | now that they were back being | twenty at sixty

when we become hollow bones | spirit enters | makes itself at home |
we speak words of home | the place we were before here | and shall return once more

many masks worn | to slog through black/white worlds | where grey matters most

mouths of mine open | snap at ridiculousness | on how people act |
without the slightest thinking | new provocateurs

moving a house | doesn't fold in on itself | like a circus tent

in the orchard | bones percolate messages | that reaches beyond

scary how you push | people away with your past | a master at it

starry skies the eyes | of my ancestars smiling | keep watch over me

she rolls poetry | incantations into love | to help change the world

bella Havana | I miss you | hasta siempre

poems copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.

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