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December Senryū 2013

December Senryū  2013

there are no borders | for butterflies know freedom | ignore barriers
a better world | possible with faith and love | struggle for freedom
you who brought laughter | your leaving left tears | will always be remembered
creativity | bring beauty into the world | for the joy of all
a sense of purpose | caring for more than ourselves | for the greater good
support our own | vendors and businesses | cooperate to win
responsibility | for self and community | collective love
from the whispering basket | spirit-saints whispered | truths from the other side
listen to your heart | think with your own mind | for self-determination
in unity | we are stronger than enemies | we hold together
she believes in angels | that show themselves in many | forms of love
winter's day and sun | stands still waiting to reverse | in its celestial tracks
the place of lost voice | memories claw at her throat | tears form a knot there
ancient sea stars melt | into oceans on fire | we bury our heads
if we save the earth | we save ourselves and future | generations
I remember | my first love a smiling man | tender as a sapling
my love north wind | leans on me to show love | unruly and tussled
Butterfly Virgin | you patron saint of dreamers | who fly for freedom
US adores zombies | vampires their obsession too | those living dead
icy cold whispers | winter sweeps in through the house | on a sunny day
she dreams in all blues | frozen mid-sleep wishing | for early Spring
nights have grown endless | she only sleeps during days | napping at the edge
all mother's souls | melt into their children's  | growing into their own |
persons full and realized | pass love along in their blood
arctic cold fingers | grip the Bay in its grey fists | refuse to let go
a rock of a man | always loved more than hated | beacon for freedom
I give thanks for grief, which teaches me gratitude for life, and always for love...
the day born gray skies | sun elbowed its way out | smiling in triumph
grey fog stretches | arms around hills I live on | today sun sleeps in
petals fall to earth | they turn into fragrant clay | sweet-scented our cups
crows no longer caw | warnings about her at you | now that she's at peace
winter the inward | time of introspection | reflection on life’s pond

Copyright © 2013 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. All Rights Reserved.

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