Friday, November 01, 2013

October Senryū ~ 2013

our ancestors die | pass away into the light | in time we follow

you sometimes lose | to people who don't deserve | the universe decides

bought a goodbye pie | for her loved ones to savor | and think of life's sweetness

her voice resonates | across time and space she laughs | while singing heart songs

tender the knickknacks | our love not bank balances | we cherish memories | not material trifles | in the end love is what counts

nine days to journey | to earthly places | you loved and cherished | to say fare-well familia | say hello to ancestors

tomorrow she cuts her hair | power sacrificed | for future heals loss | sign of endings beginnings | ancestors return again

a little one puzzles | learns to decipher | letters into words

she is traveling | to that emerald green light | which cradles the stars | ancestors smiling | down from the Milky Way

tears flow to release | this vigil of life and death | a slow dance

oftentimes there's fear | in taking that unknown path | but not if you trust | your ancestors will guide you | into the light

knitting memories | into scarves to be worn long | in to the future

days turn to weeks | wait almost unbearable | every door open

it is a good day | trees changing their hair color | for this life transition

life we took as fact | in the end we remember | is so precious

leaving this world | has it's own time and labor | a lot like coming in

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