Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April Senryū ~ 2012

 your night is my day | we still love the same way | sky a thin blue line

 water is life | protect y/our birthright | most precious liquid

we don't need your approval | we don't want your yes | your no means nothing

ban and bar our words | but you can not silence us | we buzz in your ears!

zapote tree | its leaves and fruit everywhere | needed a haircut

eyes of a nation | are now on the Justices | to decide with heart

they live in a past life | under trees they loved | nothing changes there

his life is etched | all over his body | in living colores

her body wanted | to give birth to more babies | instead grew tumors

flowers remind her | of beginnings and endings | of life's sheer beauty

most days she swims in words | the pool deep and blue | looking for meaning

we see the same sky | star maps that glisten | in our faraway eyes

we are star seeds | children of the Milky Way | born brilliant as gems

what the rain knows | about earth's thirst for water | is precious as its drops

terrible to waste | a moment, minds, our planet | on greed

at first, our bodies | fashioned out of corn masa | blessed in gold pollen

creator fashioned the world | in rough draft form | perfectly imperfect

thunder beings walk | around the bahia | blessings for home

she lost her mind | then found it again | in books and music

a morning prayer | for this day's ceremony | for a better life

oil and water war | volcanoes on the verge | time of violent change

when words aren't enough | actions must reflect | wisdom of the ancestors

Today the heat has teeth | not a leaf in motion | blessed be the fan

a day to give thanks | blessings come in all sizes | for new and old friends

mother ocean heals | what ails an aching heart | her waves come in breath

no morning mambos | just a swing in a hammock | healing from a fall

you take a tumble | you're going too far, too fast | now a time-out

she remembered | she forgot the flight she had | to be on

city streets lowdown | sounds of humans living life | on the loudest tones

first day of April | commit one poem a day | daises are in bloom

©/s Odilia Galván Rodríguez, 2012

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