Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mama Luna

Grandma Luna would hold my hand
all the way home from school
when we'd pass through the lush
green forest she would say esto es el corazon
del mundo/this is the heart of the
she taught me the earth ways
about the trees that talk if you listen
of the plants who are our allies
who heal us and the creation when
we are ill

in the forests and in the jungles
we can find the answers
all the remedios for what ails us
physically mentally and spiritually
but we must be humble for what stunts
the spiritual guerriller@'s growth is pride
and all that comes with self aggrandizement
greed is worst of all but what did I know
at seven about greed

Mama Luna was a slight women barely five feet
tall and less than ninety pounds but she was strong
the people of the surrounding ranches feared and adored her
some called her bruja/witch out of ignorance or what the
church teaches which is mixed up with fear of people taking
their own power and not being afraid to live fully lest
they die

she would say there is no devil only evil people
who hurt and want others to hurt as much or worse
those are the ones we must watch out for and they
are sly as foxes people who smile in your face
the worst enemies are usually old friends remember that
and I would but my good heart would make
me go soft so often and that is where the hard lessons
would have to be learned again and again

Mama Luna was the first person people would come and find
when a baby was about to be born or someone was sick even
when a colt or calf was trying to be born turned in the
wrong direction she could set bones and massage sprains
she even put people's brains straight by counseling them
in low hushed tones soothing their madness

she taught me about the plant allies how one must sing
to them and leave offerings while asking for permission
to take some of them back home to help heal ourselves or
others plants want respect
as does the whole creation we must only take what we need
and more is not better the essence is sacred

she loved wild horses her prized bees that gave sweet
honey because she sung to them too her dogs where good
they knew who to let on the property and who to hold
at the gates her black dog Oso was the fiercest of all
the one who was always with her

Mama Luna you guide my hands as I write these words
I miss you and at the same time know you are in my
heart ~ siempre...

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