Saturday, February 18, 2006

Back in the Bay

I'ts been awhile, I've missed being in the Bay Area, the only place I would live in the US these days...

It's been cold, the days awaken with frost on the roof tops. I don't remember when I've seen this here -- if ever and I've been living here off and on since the early '80's but then again back then I was too busy to notice much...the pressure of an 8 hr. + job, a young baby to raise myself etc.

There's been so much going on and it seems all anyone can focus on is Vice President Cheney shooting his hunting buddy. The poor man seemed embarrassed to have gotten hurt, and for all the fuss over his having been almost killed, after all the man had a heart attack. Strange.

When the news media is so totally taken by something like this, those people who are into conspiracy theories always ask, "What is it they don't want us to be focusing on?" And there is so much that they could be talking about instead. Like the UN asking for the closure of the base at Guantanamo (Gitmo), and the claims by US officials that it's basically a summer camp for terrorists -- nothing going on there, no torture etc. Or how about another natural disaster - this time in the Philippines, or the war in Iraq, possible war in Iran, the new government in Palestine, the fact that they want to continue spying on US citizens but can't figure out who are good or bad terrorists -- aren't they all bad? But I will leave these topics for now.

I am having a crisis of faith and want to focus my energy on that, seeing as how I am at a crossroads...or maybe at a bridge...more on that another day.

regards to all.


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