Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Yemaya's Day

Today the majesty and beauty of my mother Yemaya is celebrated. Today we ask her, the greatest mother of all, to embrace us - especially her children who are suffering due to one of the greatest tragedies that has ever befallen the people of Turtle Island, of the US of A - to give us her special blessings. We need hope, we need love and above all we need good character to know how to go on, how to proceed, to help our brothers and sisters who need us.

At 6 p.m. eastern time 3 p.m. pacific time many Orisha priests and priestesses and other followers of African Traditional Religions and ways of life and those with indigenous world views will be taking a few moments to make special offerings and prayers for the survivors of hurricane Katrina. We especially pray for those who have yet to be rescued, for those who are afraid to ask for help for fear of being arrested, detained or deported back to their country of origin, and for those who are rescued but are in despair.

We pray for the dead that their spirits were delivered speedily into the arms of Olodumare. Iba'e...

Oh mighty mother Yemaya we ask that you deliver our prayers to the most high.

Ire O!

(c) 2005


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