Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Vigil For Those Who Can't Get On With Their Lives

I started reading Cindy Sheehan's blog from Crawford, TX where she is camped out at Camp Casey - named for her son who died in Iraq in April, 2004, he was only 24 years old. She is camped out in front of the Bush ranch and says she won't leave until he meets with her about the war.

In her blog dated Tuesday, August 16 she relates that on Saturday, when asked why he had time to take a two hour bike ride but not to meet with Sheehan, President Bush was quoted as saying, "I have to go on with my life."

Tonight there are many candlelight vigils going on in support of Cindy Sheehan's efforts and that of so many people who want an end to the war in Iraq.

Anyone who is a parent of a child who is directly involved in this war, who is questioning what is going on over there by reading and finding out just who is profiting from this war has to be devastated. Cindy Sheehan asks the question that all of us, who have young people around the same age as her son, are asking...Why, if this war is so noble and so important, are Mr. Bush's daughters and so many others of their social status, not involved in the war effort -- out there on the front lines willing and able to die for their country?

My vigil is for all the middle, working class and poor young people of this land who feel their only choice to get a higher education these days is to have it paid for by enlisting in the armed forces, only to find themselves in deaths' path later.

My vigil is for all those misled and misinformed people who continue to support this war because they think that is the patriotic thing to do, may the light of these candles open and illuminate their minds.

Tonight my vigil is for Casey Sheehan and all the other soldiers who have died in Iraq, who unlike Mr. Bush can't get on with their lives because they were killed in this senseless war.

(c) 2005


Anonymous said...

how can you support the troops and not what they are fighting for?

Odilia said...

I can support the soldiers because I know many of them joined the armed forces to protect our country in the event of a real threat to us. To be defenders not offenders! Others joined for economic reasons, as in, that was the only good job they could find or to get money for higher education and training, not because they wanted to go to foreign lands and kill people.

As we've discovered there was no real threat from Iraq, in fact we used to be good friends with Sadam Hussein. The only real threat facing the US is one of not controlling all the oil in the middle east, that is what the US is after...and control of the area.

I also do not support war. I think that in this day and age diplomacy must be employed. War is not the answer. Reasonable people do not want to see thier children killed for any reason. Peace!

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